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Digital Marketing

How To Do Email Marketing and Not Spam

Knowing how to do email marketing is essential to send the best content and offers to your audience. It is necessary to understand how to nurture the public without being invasive, the opposite of what happens to those who trigger spam. With that in mind,

How to Track ROI for Online Campaigns

In other opportunities, we have already talked about how to evaluate and even increase the Return on Investment (ROI) to know if you have to invest more or less in an action or in any channel. Now, we want to go deeper into the question

How to sell in times of crisis? (15 practical tips)

Crisis periods can be predicted many times, with socio-economic analyzes and studies by professionals. However, in other cases, there are no warnings, such as the example of the coronavirus that, in less than 4 months, changed the reality of many countries, especially in the US. Right

How to Make Google Find Your Site?

One of the big doubts of those who are starting in the digital world or launching their first website is exactly about the functioning of Google and other search engines. One question we always get is "how do I get Google to find my site?"