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How To Do Email Marketing and Not Spam

Knowing how to do email marketing is essential to send the best content and offers to your audience. It is necessary to understand how to nurture the public without being invasive, the opposite of what happens to those who trigger spam.

With that in mind, we will share with you how the world scene is doing and the impacts of this on different spheres of the market.

What is the difference between spam and email marketing?

Many people generally associate email marketing with SPAM, but there is a big difference between both: the permission of the recipient of the email.

In SPAM, emails are sent to thousands of users without their permission, which is uncomfortable because it takes up space in the email box with information that in most cases is not interesting for the person receiving the email.

In email marketing, emails are sent with the consent of the account owner, that is, the recipient wants to receive your emails, which means an audience interested in what you have to expose.

Obviously, creating a large email list with interested people takes more time than simply using software that sends thousands of emails without people’s permission, but despite being common, the technique of email spam is strongly discouraged, because, for every customer won, there will be thousands of people who will be dissatisfied and see your brand as spam.

On the other hand, even though it needs more effort, email marketing has several advantages.

Advantages of Email Marketing

Now that you know the difference between the two practices, you need to know the benefits of email marketing. In fact, these are more than good reasons. The benefits of email marketing are:

greater visibility: according to IBGE, the main reason for accessing the internet in Brazil is e-mail. That is, if a person connects to the internet it is very likely that he will check his e-mails. In this case, it is a great deal to have your brand publicized in a place where the customer will certainly look.

possibility of segmentation: when a person signs up to receive their e-mails, we can ask for additional information to send content diversified by age groups, locality, or interest groups.

invitation to interaction: with a simple click on a link in the email message, people can visit your website, reply to your email or request deletion from the list.

greater agility: it is possible to send thousands of e-mails in seconds and it is also very easy to measure the result of your e-mail marketing campaign, using exclusive links and parameters in e-mail messages, for example.

good cost-benefit ratio: the cost to send and receive e-mails is almost zero and the return of a serious e-mail marketing campaign can be very large, since a credible relationship is created between the company and the customer.

How to do email marketing in 9 simple steps

Understand how to set up email marketing in simple steps. Now you know that the benefits are many, but you need to pay attention to some tips in order to have a successful email marketing campaign.

Here’s how to prevent email from falling into spam:

send non-commercial messages: don’t fill your subscribers ’email boxes with just advertisements. Offer useful information so that people like to receive your e-mails and when you send an advertisement, you will already have the sympathy of the readers.

present something interesting from the start: start your content by presenting the advantages right away, such as articles, graphics, virtual books, tools, etc. Don’t just stick to the promise, grab people’s attention as early as possible and show credibility.

offer something impressive for free: this is a great way to attract people. Offer any tools, gifts, articles or anything that might be of value to your website visitors. You don’t always have to do this, but it is a trigger that can be merged with your other strategies.

do editorial planning: create a list of topics that can attract your audience. Be strategic to address issues that not only inform, but also fulfill your objective of selling your products / services.

keep the frequency, but don’t be intrusive: you can’t send just one or two emails, because then you can end up forgetting. Also, have the balance not to send too much content to people’s inbox and saturate them with so many contacts.

prioritize more text than images: images in the body of the email can impair delivery. Prioritize text content and, when inserting images, make sure that it has been correctly encoded in the uploader.
use the thermometer “is it relevant? Do you solve a problem for my audience? ”: Before shooting, ask yourself if the content will solve people’s doubts, will inform something useful, and if it is fulfilling the purpose of your brand.

assemble your messages: instead of doing one by one, leave your content prepared in advance. Create a sequence that makes sense and that encourages the audience to keep following. Thus, you will have a systemic view to monitor and plan the next steps.

schedule shipments: with everything ready, just configure it in the tool!

7 email marketing tips to avoid falling into the SPAM box

Once you know a few simple steps to do email marketing, you also need to understand how to make sure email doesn’t fall into spam. After all, you’re going to invest time and knowledge to build your strategies and you don’t want to throw them away for lack of technical mastery, right?

Here’s how to prevent your email from falling into spam:

1. Choose the best email marketing software

There are several software options for email marketing, but the ones I can recommend are just the ones I had the chance to use. The first is Mailchimp, which has a free and a paid part. Another software that I have had the opportunity to use is LeadLovers.

In any of your choices, it is important to observe the policies that these companies have regarding spam tolerance and user registration.

For example, Mailchimp makes importing e-mails very difficult, even requiring details if you import a lot of e-mails without having signed up to your database.

Another point is that they can block your account if it has an incidence greater than 0.01% of spamming by your readers, among other factors. It is critical, but nothing that worries a company / professional who does an honest job and dedicated to customer satisfaction.

If you want to automate and create smart flows, configuring the steps in which your audience will receive their contacts according to how they interact with the flow, you will need more complete tools.

Tribeca’s choice to program your inbound marketing with functional nutrition flows is RD Station, a Digital Results tool with several plans available that you can check here.

2. Grow your list the right way

As I mentioned in the introduction to the article, many people/professionals want a short path to success. This path seems to be short when buying an email list or using spam software.

This is a path you should never follow. First, because the person receiving the email is not really interested in what you are going to send. Second, because you are likely to fall into this user’s spam box.

So, my recommendation is that you enjoy email collection intelligently. For this, there are some ways that I will mention in the next tips.

3. Use the newsletter boxes to your advantage

Widely used in blogs and content portals, these boxes are usually on the right or at the end of each article, always with a call for the user to subscribe to receive emails. A formidable article I read showed this very well:

Some examples of boxes that you can use in these areas are:

On the top:

At the end of the article:

On the side:

The essence here is that you understand that you need to test until you find the ideal template for your site!

4. Create ads to attract the right audience

With the creation of ads, you have the possibility to target campaigns to reach the profile of people you want. This makes it possible for you to invest your money to find the ideal audience. Isn’t that great?

Understand how you can do it on Facebook and Google Ads.

Facebook Ads

A simple way is to integrate your email marketing platform with your Facebook page. Here at Tribeca we use Mailchimp and it has a feature that creates a tab on Facebook for people to sign up for our email base:

The essence here is that you understand that you need to test until you find the ideal template for your site!

5. Stay tuned to Mobile!

Even if you don’t have a responsive or mobile-friendly website, be aware that most users open their e-mails through these devices.

According to Campaign Monitor (2018 ), email checking is done up to three times more by mobile device users. How to ignore this type of behavior or rather, how to ignore this type of reading emails? It is impossible in digital marketing.

In this sense, you can read the Mailchimp best practices guide , which teaches several tips to be able to assemble a good email for mobile devices.

6. Create cart recovery strategies for e-commerce

There are studies showing that 99% of first-time visitors do not buy from online stores. It’s kind of that time for you to get used to the place, look good and feel safe. Who has never done this?

In order not to lose these potential buyers, a very common strategy in e-commerce is cart recovery, that is, to remind that user that he must complete his purchase. In many cases, even offering a discount coupon to encourage even more.

study by SeeWhy shows a little more about the time a visitor needs to convert and what the cart abandonment pattern looks like:

According to the study, the first 12 hours are essential to make this user convert.

The study also showed that 75% of the top 500 eCommerce companies that use abandoned cart nutrition do this with up to 1 hour of abandoning the cart. They found that 50% of the “abandoners” who buy, do so within an hour of abandonment. So time is everything in this action!

Consider sending emails with 1 hour, 24 hours and less than two weeks of abandoning the cart. Of course, everything will depend on your user’s behavior. With this time, buyers who had good reasons to abandon the cart may have the information needed to close the purchase at the time of the approach.

Implementing this type of action is not at all complicated and a possible solution is to use Mailchimp. This tutorial shows you how to do it using Magento and this article explains how the stock triggers in Mailchimp work .

7. Build customer loyalty with a good relationship

According to a Marketing Metrics study, your chances of selling something to a consumer who has already bought from you are 60% to 70%, while selling to a potential new consumer is 5% to 20%.

The model here is very simple. Think of ways to reach your buyer base. Spontaneous email contacts can help:

  • send a message “you are a loyal customer, so we decided to give you a discount”;
  • remember the birthday and offer some benefit;
  • send e-mail of products related to those you sold to that consumer, the famous “who bought this, also bought that”. This shows customization;
  • offer free shipping to those who already shop with you.

These are some ideas, but the important thing is that you invest time in discovering what is best for your brand.

Learn More about email marketing campaigns

In addition to the tips we shared above, check out the video below on how to do email marketing and learn how to work in a professional way, so you will get the best results!


In summary, email marketing is a great strategy to increase visitor loyalty and conversions on your site. For this, you should never resort to spam and should always offer quality content / messages / promotions / offers to your readers.

I hope you enjoyed the article and any questions or suggestions, share them in the comments area! To the next!

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